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Okay. I’ve already ranted against the folly of a lot of things. Today, I will address the issue of credit card purchases at fast food restaurants.

Um, HELLO! Trips to fast food restaurants are supposed to be transitory experiences in our lives. But now people can pay for a $4-$7 meal with a credit card, and be beholden to that debt a month later. Whatever happened to the old-fashioned payment with cash? Now we have to buy our food with IOU’s? And in a lot of cases, this is not even the best food for us! Let’s strip this of pretense: buy food with high fat content, empty calories, all generated from suspect means (I will address agribusiness later). Use convenient plastic card to secure transaction of said “food.” Bill comes in the mail a month later. Repeat as needed.

  • Okay—so you are too lazy to fix your own food. Sign one of a dying society.
  • Then you pay with plastic. Sign two of a dying society built on a promise to pay.
  • Then you pay a month later in a form of transaction that is far more complex than the original would have been. Typical American style (we call it “convenience” though. I never thought reviewing bills and paying a check at the end of the month was less of a burden than whipping out my 5 bucks on the spot).
  • And, if people are as foolish with their credit debts garnered at a fast food shop as they are when their bills are garnered at Best Buy and Wal-Mart, that convenient credit debt will accrue interest at some alarming rate, thus making your little cheeseburger and fries way more expensive than you ever thought in the long run.
  • And, the most disgusting thing is, if you don’t pay for that burger and fries in a timely manner, it will go on your record, and you can’t even use a bulldozer to wipe that clean. Maybe you’ll go bankrupt.

A bankrupt nation all for a burger. Or, as I believe Shakespeare said, “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!” Hey, don’t laugh. I know peeps who have gone bankrupt by the family-load. Credit cards are evil. Sometimes useful, but nearly always evil. I bought a computer with one, but never a burger. And a fattening, cholesterol-laden one at that.

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