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Now I know there are some PC users would would just love to bag on me for having a Mac. They would lick their lips in perverse delight at the fact I have an issue. Well, if you are dumb and inattentive, you might have an issue too.

The thing worked right out of box. I will tell you that upfront. Then I got to messing with stuff, wanted to put my "jukebox" drive into the new machine from the old one. It went fine at first. Then I went to do some more installs and got a snag with the whole internet thing, trying to get a new router into the deal and whatnot. So I went to pop an installation CD in and well, the CD drive was... gone. So I spent a few hours messing with stuff and I still haven't got it right. I got it once in a test situation, then went onto install the Airport wireless card, and then the drive went missing and the Airport didn't work either. So I am stumped.

It can all go away soon though. On Monday I will take it in to the shop where I was already planning to have a DVD Superdrive installed so that I can do direct copy from disk to disk. My church work has me doing that more and more, so that is worth a few bucks. I'm sure the shop can piggyback a few small fixes in on that order.

Aside from the usual little frustrations, this computer is looking like a joy to use. I will give the old one over to Kelli, keep this one with the dual optical drives, a couple of 80GB drives, OS 9 & 10 available at once, Pro Tools, speakers, wireless internet, etc. The only bummer is that I will probably let Kelli have the new cinema display, which I sort of took a liking to.

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