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English 205 classical argument essay. I have written about eight drafts of this stinking thing, all displaying various aspects of my genius and intellect, but none really nailing it on the head, considering the assignment. It has been quite upsetting to look at all I have done, look at the calendar and see there are only four days left, and then think of nothing but the ongoing computer configurations have been going on for one reason or another (lots to do with a lost password on my new machine).

So my brain is toast. I have lost all objectivity for this paper. I look at it and don't know what I am looking at. Kelli took a stab at it and told me a few things, so I am trying to work some of that in. I have a stack of books here, a mess of newspapers and printouts from collegiate databases, but it all turns to mush when it comes time to incorporate it. I really have written this essay a few times with hardly a need to refer to anything, but the assignment is to have at least 15 references. The topic is energizing enough that I could write the thing in my sleep but I have to conform to this assignment. I think of about two things—this assignment and computer configuring.

Oh, I get dibs on coining the term "Wal-fare" to denote the fact Walmart offers what is basically a welfare wage without the abiding concern and compassion offered by the government. We are becoming a Walfare state.

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