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Ah, the joy of opening up a box from Apple Computer, Inc. for the first time, and pulling out a shiny and lovely G4. Now that gives me wood. I wish I could do this more often.

I have been entertaining getting a new 'puter for a while and finally made the leap. I wanted to get one that could help Kelli out. The plan is to mostly let the older G4 go to her little quadrant of the room, and I get the new one. She gets the new monitor though. The new one runs OSX.3 which is a lot better than OSX was when I first got it on my first G4 in mid 2001. OSX was still really useless, but a few Mac buddies have convinced me to make the jump now. It is actually dual bootable with OS9 and the OS9 clone called "Classic" so I don't have to be totally lost. I plan to get some programs through some academic outlets, and intend to get the Macromedia Studio MX and Adobe CS box sets. That's like 8 programs for $700, and none are pirated or LE versions!

The G4 is such a lovely thing. Jeeze, I love these things. If ever a computer could be voluptuous, I think this is the one. I get a stiffy just thinking about it. But don't tell anyone. It'll be all over the Internet in no time!

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