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All bets are off when it comes to the dog eating more than half a dozen cookies right off the plate in the kitchen. How can that be an act worthy of Man's Best Friend?

We left the room for a while to clean house after we had eaten dinner. Then when we came back, we ended up in the kitchen to get drinks. My roommates had come and gone since we were last there, but they are respectful and don't mess with anything of ours, especially not a plate of cookies that got picked clean! The evidence was on the floor: scattered crumbs and bits of choccate (sic) chips were to be found.

Of course, the dog looked at me like 'I beg your pardon? I think you have the wrong person,' but I saw through that. This was the same face that looked at me this way after she jumped the five foot fence in the side yard and escaped to the street several times in the first weeks we had her.

No treats for this puppy!

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