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Party like it's 1999? Hey, that's not a bad idea. I mean, for me, it's like this:

Clinton was in office. Ah, Free Willy, my hero. I didn't even realize it till about 2003, but damn, I miss the guy. All of a sudden he seems like the high water mark of integrity in national politics, given what has happened this last couple of years.

I made more money doing gigs. NYE coming into 1999 I don't remember the take, but it was nice, and the following year was the one where I got a $500 gig for the night. This may have been a function of the Free Willy Factor.

The music was better. What does it mean when I think back nostalgically on the pop music of 1999 and find myself longing for the musical genius of "Livin' La Vida Loca" or "Smooth"? These days, I don't even turn on pop radio or anything else that is likely to play music that sucks harder than a Siamese whore. I'm not sure music can be any more compressed to sound like utter shit. I think we have passed that threshold.

I was a fucking music machine in 1999. I recorded half my own CD, five songs for Loaf, more than half of the project with Kelli, ten songs with Tamara, some Mike Keneally stuff, and another several songs of mine that weren't on my finished work.

Mike Keneally was godlike to me then. His new album sounds great but seems like wankage to me.

Or course, Sarah and I broke up a relationship that never was, and I was woefully depressed during the holidays and hated everything but music.

Yeah. Let's party like its 1999. 2005 is gonna suck if the dollar crashes and oil peaks. At least 1999 was a year of blissful ignorance.

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