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Hmmm. That was fast. 2004 was dizzying. I'm pretty stunned at the things that went down this year. The high water mark is obviously getting married to my angel girl. It would be hard to top that, but let's just run down the stuff that did go along this year.

  • Got engaged, had Kelli move in, and got married
  • Bought another computer and moved the older one to Kelli
  • Got really good grades in my school classes
  • Got a dog
  • Learned an awful lot about my interests in the world, history, politics, cultural issues
  • Bought a few instruments. Sold a few too
  • Remodeled my office/lounge/studio room to accommodate Kelli and me
  • Got to know a bunch of my old clients better
  • Went on a road trip honeymoon to places I've never been
  • Got an electronic leash (cell phone)
  • Had nine piggy gifts given to me
  • Got to be a lot closer to our adoptive family
  • Put most of the depression to rest
  • Had a great holiday season
  • Grew grass in the back yard
  • Finally saw 2001 Space Odyssey and Apocalypse Now, and The Deer Hunter three more times
  • Read a lot more than ever since high school
  • Hosted parties and dinner nights with Kelli
  • Made a web site for my church, and changed mine a couple times

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