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basses, guitar, drum kit in the 2005 studio, admittedly out of context for this post!Basses from the 2005 version of HHSI don't know what it is, but I go through bass guitars like mad. I've had more basses than drum sets (3), guitars (4), and even keyboards (5). At present, I own three basses, as I have for about three and a half years now. But there is always one that comes and goes.

Go back to late 1997, when I decided to buy my first bass, I got an Ibanez 5 string. It was too much. I traded that back within the grace period, and met up with some dude in the lot, who sold me his Ibanez SG800 out of the back of his car. It was a match of a bass a friend of mine let me use for a couple months the year before, so I had already fallen in love with it. The 5 string didn't record well for me then, and was too much for me. The 800 was the main bass axe for me for the next two years. Then I sold that away to get my next main bass axe. Once I discovered the EQ on the Ibanez was too distracting, I got my Fender Jazz 5 string, which was the only bass for the next year and a half.

My current mainstays since mid 2001 have been my Fender Jazz 5 string with Aero Instrument pickups, and my Warwick Corvette fretless, all stock. Since 2001, when I came into some cash and wanted to add a bit of everything to my collection, among the things I bought were the Warwick bass, and soon after that, a Fender Geddy Lee signature Jazz bass. I traded that Geddy bass back to the store while I still could, and got a less exciting Precision/Jazz hybrid that I had but rarely used, and never recorded. I sold that many months later for some cash and a prototype guitar distortion pedal that my buddy Todd had. After getting rid of the P/J bass, I bought a 5 string Ibanez BTB bass, which I also kept for the grace period the store allows—probably up to a month and a half. Then I spotted this bass made by Brawley, which was another 5 string, but so much more distinctive than the BTB. It was blonde swamp ash, and had some nice touches for a $500 bass, totally distinctive from all the usual Ibanez/Fender/Epiphone/Schecter sort of stuff out there for the price. I had that for some time, and the line of basses was stable for about two years. For a short while, I bought a Music Man SUB bass, this time a 4 string. I'd been wanting to get a 4 to actually keep, but had not been too sold on most of what I'd heard, but one day, I walked into the Guitar Center and found that MM bass. It was cheaper than most MM basses by almost half, and didn't really have any sickening compromises. It was even made in the States. I had that for a while, and hoped to sell the Brawley. For the time I had that SUB bass, I had 4 basses at once! I didn't sell the Brawley, and was still stuck for money, so I returned the SUB bass. Eventually, a year later I was able to sell the Brawley. I kept only the Jazz 5 and the fretless for a while, but then got the jones to buy another 4 string! So I went around last month and bought another Ibanez (SGX400)! This time it was the 4 string that looked like the Music Man I gave up, but for only half the cash, and a bit less. It was pretty nice for the $312 I paid, but somehow, not versatile enough. It had all the top end shimmer and boom, and was basically nice, but I still ached for the Music Man I gave back. So tonight, a day before the grace period ended, I took back the Ibanez, raced over to Guitar Center and bought the exact same type of bass I had a year and a half ago, but only for three weeks.

  • Ibanez SG500 5 string Black
  • Ibanez SG800 Blue quilted/gold hardware
  • Fender 5 string Jazz bass
  • Warwick Corvette fretless
  • Fender Geddy Lee Jazz bass
  • Fender Precision/Jazz
  • Ibanez BTB 5 string
  • Brawley 5 string
  • Music Man SUB bass
  • Ibanez SGX 400
  • Music Man SUB bass

Those were just the basses I actually at one time owned. There are others I have borrowed:

  • Some high school acquaintance's BC Rich
  • Ibanez SG800
  • Ibanez SG something 6 string
  • Spector 5 string
  • Fender Jazz (EMG pups, IIRC)
  • Fender Jazz (stock)
  • Washburn 4 string semiacoustic
  • Washburn 6 string
  • Pedulla Buzz fretless (ahhhh...)
  • Fender Mustang

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