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Take solace in this morsel of information. Bush may have "won" and he may be our "president" (Fuhrer may be more appropos), but he hardly has a "mandate." Even the 59 million who "voted" for him was not that much more than who voted for Kerry. Duh. We all know that. But even all these voters amount to about 35% of the American population, which itself is only about 300 million, or 5% of the world population of about 6.5 billion.

Do the math. George W. Bush was "voted" into office by only ONE PERCENT of the world! Of course, people on every continent will be affected by the cognitive and reasoning ability and the "compassion" of this tiny population of idiots and fools and greedy motherfuckers. So just like it was said about the Abu Ghraib scandal, all it takes is a few bad apples.

One Fucking Percent. Maybe even less than that. Makes you want to spit, doesn't it?

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