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chickens at ashley's place in sonomaChickens at Ashley's placeThe bed we slept on was one of those inflatable mattress thingees that you take on camping trips. Kelli had never used it before, so I guess it was too late to pump it so it was nice and firm. So all night long, I was tossing and swaying, and nearly rolling off the thing on account of it being like jello. The shower in this handmade house was made of stones, sort of like you would expect a stereotypical well to be in an old town. There were a number of these distinctly individualistic touches in this house. The huge window next to the shower stall and toilet was one such departure from the norm. Fortunately there were piles of boulders just outside the window to break up any sight lines. Still, it's a little odd to sit at the toilet with a six foot tall window where you'd expect a wall.

We got up, met a friend of Ashley's, and got overpriced bagels in downtown Sonoma. Then we went to a few shops to kill some time. Sonoma is another town that has a central part loaded with charm, but has been tainted by the suburban slime just steps away. Nonetheless, it is interesting seeing the place, and it does seem to have a certain something we just don't have here. Sonoma was a short stay for us, as we had to get on the road to San Simeon. We had to go through a lot of the wine country, and that was of course beautiful as anything, but once we got on the freeway just outside of Napa, well, you know, it could be any freeway anywhere. Most of the drive down to San Simeon was freeway or somehow sort of anticlimactic in its sameness, not only in its sameness to itself, but everything my world consists of, and which I sought to escape on this trip. Still, once we got to the last stretch of our drive to San Simeon, we were greeted with an amazing full moon and its light falling on the rolling hills. The CA-46 is very serene and uninterupted for about 30 miles and the moon illuminated it all silvery and sweet until we got to San Simeon on the coast.

We stayed at a Motel 6, partially because the price was right, but mainly because it was the one place that had a room, and half off the usual $105 rate at that! We drove over to revisit the little town of Cambria where we got some chow and did window shopping. Window shopping. That is until we happened into this shop with all sorts of cute piggy items. In fact there were so many piggy items it was harder to decide what to buy there than who to vote for for president! I ended up getting a football-sized piggy made out of fake stone. He's cute. I also got a pyramid-shaped windchime with a moocow on one side of the pyramid, a cock on the other, and a piggy on the third. It was beautiful. Each side is a chime—the pyramid is open at the bottom, like a bell.

We left Cambria, a few calories heavier and a few dollars lighter. Went back to the hotel to see some TV and read, and generally soak up the last evening of our honeymoon together.

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