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ed and kelli on the bunker at marin headlands, the sun setting on the west, with their hands nearly perfectly blocking the sun and making a cool silhouette.Marin Headlands at sunset

We left Livermore and headed for the Bay area. Kelli wanted to take me to her alma mater at Mills College, so we went to Oakland first. The campus was empty mainly because it was a Sunday, but also because all the students had the holiday week off. So we had it to ourselves. We saw the book arts building where she did a lot of her work for her major. The rest was a general tour of the place, given that we were on to other things. We took a cursory drive through Oakland city and Berkeley. I've never been to either of those places, but a lot of friends of ours have assocations with the area.

Then we took the bay bridge to San Fran and spent some time spinning around there, aimlessly. We hadn't really intended to see things in any depth on this trip, so just driving along the waterfront and down Lombard had to do. We saw the Presidio and then went to the Golden Gate park and did the obligatory tourist thing, snapping pictures and all. We took a little hike under the bridge at the south side, and wandered around the area, checking out the bunkers. It was late afternoon by then and time to go to the other side where we drove the road around the Marin Headlands, which was utterly gorgeous stuff. The bunkers and natural sights were amazing to behold. We got the ace sunset shot on the westernmost bunker at Point Bonita. Then it was time to scramble to our next night's stay in Fort Bragg.

But on the way we got a cursory pass through Sausalito which appears to be a sweet little place. The rest of the drive was up the 101 and then the 33 mile long highway CA-20. All 33 miles were curves in densely wooded forest, and for us, all of that was at NIGHT. Yay. Some wild riding there. Kelli got to do all of today's drving since somehow I ended up doing the first two days' worth. Our abode for the night was a sweet little oceanside cottage place in Fort Bragg. Dinner was at the North Coast Brewery restaurant. They had this wonderful coppery brew that I had with dinner and also bought a six pack to take home with me. Then we went back and did newlywed activities back at the cottage.

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