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Today we woke up safely away from the suburban slime of Southern California. Sort of. San Luis Obispo is a charming little town, especially in its center, but leaving that you still end up among all these familiar franchise names. Our extremely brief pass through the town center was to go to the bank. We ended up talking to the (retired age) parking lot guard for a few minutes. He was extremely nice and told about the town and the area. Then we got on the utterly lovely highway CA-1 from SLO and drove that quite a ways, stopping for some photo ops. That road is all so lovely with its rocky coast and sheer cliffs.

the sign at the entrance to the hamlet of Harmony, CA is painted to look like a green CA state highway sign, but it is chipping in a cool rustic way.Cute little hamlet of Harmony, with nice craft and arts done in the old world styleWe stopped in to the tiny little colonies of Harmony and Cambria for some utterly tourist stops. We departed from the CA-1 road right after dark, at Santa Cruz, having managed to catch a great sunset somewhere along the road. We fumbled our route directions on the way to Kelli's brother's place in Livermore in the east bay area. We got there and had dinner, they talked and I crashed out, tired from the driving, all of which was pretty attention-demanding that day. Tomorrow we actually go see some real shit.

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