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PT Cruiser for a week and a half was a fun drive for both of us. Stopped by the side of the road on the cliff areas on CA-1.Our coach for the weekI just love that Friday afternoon feeling before a trip. We went to get our rental car today and got a pleasant surprise. The price we found was stupidly low for even the modest car we signed up for. We got in for about $150 for a whole week. When we got to the lot, the dude asked us if we minded getting a PT Cruiser. Hey, not bad. It beats the Dodge Neon we agreed to.

We left today and drove to San Luis Obispo. No big fun in that. LA traffic sucks even at 10pm. We left Sandy Eggo at 6 pm and got to SLO at 12:15 in the morning. Motel 6. Basic but it's oh so nice when you are only gonna sleep for the night. I had a back and neck ache from hell yesterday and today, but opted to drive the entire distance I guess so I would have something else to think about.

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