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It's the beginning of 2003. It's been on my mind that a few critical things happened that changed the course of my musical pursuits at this time ten years ago. The earlier of the two main ones was that in the first week of January, 1993, I did my first sound on sound recordings. I got a little boombox that allowed me to add a microphone to an existing tape and bounce it all to another tape. That of course the the first foray into my interest in recording layered parts. It wasn't quite genuine multitrack, but it was making more than I could with one single pass. My buddy Matt and I recorded a bunch of stuff as Rhythmic Catharsis in that period. We played in garages, parking lots, under bridges and all that. But I recorded a lot of stuff and then maybe did additional stuff with the tapes when at home.

The second thing of note from the start of '93 was that I began to simultaneously take some music classes—basic musicianship (scales, chords, rhythms, etc.) and a piano class as well. Piano became my second instrument. While I'm nobody's Beethoven or Lizst, or even Elton John (!), I really like playing it and its something that I am glad I learned, even to the extent that I did. Having those two classes paved the way for a vastly wider appreciation of music, both as listener and as player.

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