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After years of my studio only work and years of great fun experimenting with instruments and recording gear, I have decided it's time to do a band project that is of the performing persuasion. I would also like to make a recording, but of an ensemble that is based on material that is rehearsed and ready to go as a performance. It's an old fuddy duddy idea, you know? I am playing bass in this configuration, though the ideas arrive pretty much equally to me on guitar and drums as well, and occasionally keyboards. I have the space and time and will to do this, so I need some folks that are decent players who want to get on that bus. I have been trying to do this same project for some time now and it's taken its usual hits and bumps in the Grand Tradition of Garage Bands.

Make no bones about it: this project is rooted in fusion and prog rock. Rooted in, let me repeat. Yeah, I admit, Jethro Tull is my musical home away from home, so is King Crimson. They've given me a lot to think about for years now. I have of course added a number of other colors to my palette, like some eastern and European sounding stuff, Impressionism from Satie and Debussy. Sometimes it's a concept or notion of a pairing of musical elements that informs me and causes me to make the choices I make. I don't compose by chord progressions that are in the book. Not to say that I am utterly original, but I really only get the biggest charge when I am led to things that I have not heard enough of. So, in effect, it's original. Sometimes that will be in line with conventional practice, and sometimes not. But listen to the tunes I offer. They are things that I cook up when a small band is available. They are also not done yet. Most were conceived as bass ideas, and the bass is certainly a prominent feature, though by no means the only thing I use to explore music. But it's the common thread through a number of tunes. I hasten to add that these tunes are AT LEAST a year old. I have been recording less in recent times, so there is less to offer. Three of these are one shot rehearsal takes. And they tend to be underdone, before we all got comfy with the music, but early enough to capture that sincere level of uncertainty, with the possibility that it could all spin out of control any minute now.

If you are interested in making the effort to rehearse and play out and record some tunes that are a little off the beaten path, please listen to these tunes and get in touch by email and we'll get together. I think the music can be challenging and hopefully rewarding to those willing enough to make the effort.

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