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The holidays are past us now. I at least had a really good season. I didn't get to see my favorite Christmas movie (A Christmas Carol) or get a tree (not even a Charlie Brown tree) but just about everything else went great. It was a lot better this year than in many years. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the heart of the matter was that I was a lot more driven to enjoy things this time around.

But the area of music still is bugging me. Still don't know what direction to turn at this time. The holidays made for a nice distraction from the fact that things are back to square one in the original music arena, but now it's back in front of me. Anyhow, there are so many angles from which to approach music and recording, and I just can't decide how to do that at this point. I want to do a regular band thing—everyone turns up and works on stuff at a planned time, etc. My deepest musical convictions have ordinarily driven me to do the solo recording thing. But that well has dried up for me now, and I have other things to do. Right now the only time music is genuinely flowing is when it's in a band context. But read the diatribe from last month and you can see that there are too many silly things that keep that from happening. You will see that it bugs me, to say little about it.

I have done a few sites for myself and others, finishing two this last month. Pretty basic things, but effective and what the clients asked for, and they seem happy with what they have. But over here, I have made a few changes to this site and the other site ( But the site is on its 4th revision and it's not even rolled out yet! So every few days or weeks I tinker with it and try a few things. It's the site I want to use to address the Ed-for-hire aspect of things. While I don't believe in super duper bells and whistles on sites, it needs to be sort of competitive, hip, and look like something that would persuade you to hire me. is my commercial site, promoting my studio and web building.

While it is not a new years resolution per se, I have been thinking more seriously about making a move toward the graphics and web world. But such as it is, I am new and the ever changing (unfortunately shrinking in too many cases) job scene is a little foreign to me in that area, so I have been sort of tentative with the idea of diving into it. I do know that the live sound business is not really doing the trick for me, and it's just as well. I was feeling out of place in that for some time. In the meantime, I am enjoying doing any sort of odd job that turns up; a web job here, a music job there, working at the senior center, some assorted day gigs doing things I never really suspected I'd do.

I used to be into writing a big year end tally for myself over the past decade or so. I now will reduce all of 2002 to one word: Change.

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