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After four years of my tiny, one-room studio, the waters finally crested the dam, and I made the decision to split off into other space. It got so crowded in there—I mean, a tiny bedroom sized place with drums, bass, and guitars and amplification, and keyboards, and the recording gear. And yet, I could STILL manage to get a recording of a QUARTET in there! But it was really hard to deal with. So I have just recently taken the recording and control center elements and the keyboards into my bedroom—a far bigger 15'x17' room that isn't treated for sound, but it's a lot more spacious and easy to use. Sounds better for mixing, and maybe will make it easier to do whole band recording in a single live pass. I like it already. It's more like a regular studio with iso rooms. Going into the old room now will be just like entering any other power trio rehearsal room—drums, bass, guitar, and not much more, except the space. It's so much easier to get good sounds this way.

Aside from this stuff, there isn't much of note going on. Work is slow, so I'm doing all sorts of pickup work for my pittance.

I'm gonna cut this one short. Check out the Loaf and Trio stuff, and be sure to buy a copy of my CD. Rock's hardest critic liked it. Hey, no worries! At least check out the samples under the Receiving menu!

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