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I was thinking about telling you about the fact that I just graduated from The Art Institute of California a few weeks ago, or that I am doing a lot of housework and remodeling, or that I have a new bass, or that I just scored a new website to build, or any number of things.

But I won't. What happens to have me excited at this very moment is the recordings I made of my friends in Loaf the other night. They came in, 5 piece and a vocalist strong, and laid down a couple of tracks, live, in one shot. I caught it all on the VS 2480—which is just starting to make sense to me now! I'm digging the mixes, despite the very rushed nature of the session being heaped on me with little warning. Rebecca Vaughan is a great singer and I love to have her sing here, because she can come up with the goods! Go to the random tunes page and hear some Loaf with Rebecca singing.

I've been in the studio more lately, trying to get into relearning my way around it lately. I've been on a path toward simpler engineering, but at the same time, I built myself into a 24 track system! Instead of doing the usual track-by-track recording I have done for years, I've been trying to play with various combos (mostly on bass) and record all that to multitrack. It's made me think faster. I look forward to putting up some mp3s of some of these projects. Stay tuned for more details...

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