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The following is in response to my participation in a youth service at church, an event that rippled outward for some time. Wanna see the prayer I used? You can also see the scan of the original letter here. See the gallery with captions. Posted July 2011.

Dear Ed,

On behalf of myself, the Board of Christian Education, the Board of Deacons, and all your church family, I want to thank you for helping to make Sunday's Youth Service one of the most special worship experiences we've had at our church. Your prayer was very meaningful and showed a great deal of care and effort on your part. As I watched you add notes from the prayer concerns that were given to you by the ushers, I was impressed by the concern you showed in making sure you would include everyone and do a complete job. Probably very few of us know you very well, or well enough to realize that you've always had lots of talent and ability and were just working out how to channel it, but we do feel we know you well enough to have been first concerned, and then very pleased to see how you've matured. I don't know if you can forgive those of us who perhaps never did enough to help you. I'm thankful that perhaps by keeping our church together and hiring Jerry and Judy—and encouraging your grandmother, that we did help in some small way. Ultimately you've done it, Ed—you've made great strides against great odds and we're proud and thankful. Keep up the great work. Call upon me, us, for help. We're glad you're part of our church family.

Dee Snyder

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