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The following is a 2011 transcript of the letter I wrote (supposedly to my teachers) at the end of 9th grade. I doubt that I sent it. The date is arbitrary. I don't recall when I originally wrote it.

the dreadful letter i wrote to my teachers at the end of the first year in high school. horrible typing, handwritten notes added, and witty but kinda dumb in jokes...Click to enlargeIt seemed fitting and proper to give thanks to my teachers of my first year in high school. I also feel as though I've learned more, my GPA is up, way up, and this is the first year I received no D's. However, I did get an F twice.

A friend wondered out loud if I was struck by lightning or something of the sort. I don't know if I could call any class a favorite but I will admit Public Speaking wasn't at the top of my list at the beginning of the year. History has been fun though, Mr. Bannon makes it better with his humor, unless you are a person who gets an F. In Sir Hollenbeck's, I had fun calling him Geoffry, and harassing Geoff about his dirty car (the Nissan with grease on). In metalshop, I made a few useful projects. This about the only time I could get away with calling Senor Labastida ERNIE without getting a referral. As for P.E. and math, they were OK if running and A2+B2=C2 tickles your fancy.

Even though I got my as* kicked almost every day by someone, it still didn't stop me from doing my best. Even my best didn't get in the way of my hobby. In years past, my old man would take my models and related goodies until my school career got better. That trick never worked, and this year is living testimony to that.

I want to wish you all a good summer vacation and see ya next year!

Yours Truly
Mr. ED
Edward Lucas
Madhouse Warthogs Go! [Warhawks is the real mascot]

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